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You have a wedding date, a venue, and some vague ideas about your wedding, but the idea of pulling together all of the details leaves you overwhelmed.We’ve got you! In our full customized plan, we’ll walk you through the entire process, working with you to design a celebration that exceeds all of your expectations.

We’ll connect you with a reputable team of creative vendors, manage all event logistics, work with you to develop a design concept you love, and much more that will result an event that is as beautiful and fun as it is meaningful.  This plan is ideal for the couple that requires the ultimate in hand-held planning and personal service .


You’re organized and you’ve got most of the planning done. But in the final weeks and days before your wedding – and especially the day of your wedding – you want to let go of the planning and really experience the magical day you’ve dreamed up with your partner and loved ones.

In this package, you’ll hand over the planning to us months before the wedding. We’ll handle all final vendor communications, coordinate your rehearsal, manage all of the “stuff” that needs to get to and from the wedding, and make sure your wedding runs as smooth as butter when the day comes.


After signing up for the Wedding Day Management package, some of our clients have asked for additional support in the design and planning of their wedding.We can create any kind of atmosphere at the location of your choice. From floral (or non-floral) design to the most delicately detailed menu cards, we work with your budget and sense of style to make something magical for you and your guests. From lighting to special linens; from favors to rentals, we think about the whole room to get the most out of your budget.

The Process

So here’s how it works: After you’ve completed our online form, we’ll schedule a video or phone chat to get to know you, because you are the most important part of your event. We want to know your story, your vision, the whole shebang!  Then if we like other, we’ll send you a more comprehensive plan of our services. If you see something you like, then we’ll finalize the paperwork, grab a cup of latte and meet up to figure what’s best for you!  If your ready to move forward with a stress-free, fun planning experience, then we’ll finalize the paperwork and dive in!

Don’t see what you need? We offer custom plans where you can add additional services and create a custom package. Learn more from us when you schedule a chat!

If your interested in working with some fun-loving, globetrotting, logistic masters, then book a complimentary chat with us!

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