Meadows Events is an event design studio based in Southern California. We help exclusive busy clients create customized experiences for their distinguished guests. Our services include creative design, styling, and floral design.


Hi! I’m Debra, owner of Meadows Events. I’m here to help you create a beautiful one-of-a kind experience that rocks your style. 

When I’m designing I have so many ideas and feel overwhelmed with all the ideas. I can spend hours buried in pinterest. (sounds familiar?).

If you are…

Hanging on pinterest and a little overwhelmed? (Tell me about it..)

Maybe you have so many ideas and don’t know how to execute them.

Your so busy, don’t have a clue and just want to hand over the details

Maybe you have a vision but just need a little direction. Does that sound like you? Together, we can clear out the pinterest clutter, create a plan and come up with a style that is stylish and a little different.. Let me show you how.

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